AIGI Bespoke Footwear – Direct to You


Custom footwear designed just for you. Work directly with the designer to handcraft an exclusive pair available nowhere else.


1. Place your order via our website.


2. You will receive an order confirmation email with a link to schedule your consultation with the designer. This is your opportunity to discuss your inlay design, as well as any other stylistic considerations to make your pair unique to you.


3. Each consultation is virtual and limited to 15 minutes. We ask that you are prepared, with style, material, color, and fabric ideas in mind. This ensures that your consultation is not rushed and that your custom footwear is everything you desire.


Note: Handcrafting individual pairs is time-consuming, so we ask that you please schedule your consultation as soon as possible. Please allow up to six (6) weeks for production.


4. When your footwear is ready, we provide you with both a photograph and tracking number so you can track your footwear throughout the shipping process.