The Brand

AIGI: Anomalous & Unprecedented Bespoke Footwear


Step outside the conventional with AIGI footwear  - as each pair features a custom-crafted upper mated sole endowed with an individual identity through a custom inlay, ensuring that every pair of AIGI shoes is as distinct as it’s wearer.   

With AIGI every pair is scrupulously designed to be a 1-of-1 and is made to order, ensuring the perfect fit with head-turning style giving every client the opportunity to partake in its craftsmanship. 


Our Inspiration


AIGI means “time” in the Northern Sami language of far-north Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Simple and evocative, our name is synonymous with the one ingredient required to achieve your dreams. From aspiring entrepreneurs to passionate artists and designers, time and commitment help us hone our skills, vision, and perseverance to bring something new and amazing into the world.


Our Commitment


AIGI is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. We believe it is our responsibility to do better, not just for human beings, but for other the other species we share the world with, and for the planet itself. If we do not step up, who will?


We use only vegan materials, ethically sourced and produced through environmentally friendly methods. We’re constantly searching for new materials that live up to our high standards of performance, comfort, and ethicality, while also providing the stunning style that sets AIGI footwear apart.